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I am enraged with modern Tarot books. I like only one book — “The Way of Tarot”, which was written by Alejandro Jodorowsky’s. He considers the Tarot in the book as a system and pays a lot of attention to the structure of the cards. The fact, that he tried to restore the Marseille Tarot from ancient sources, is admirable.

Why do modern tarot books piss me off?

- More often than not, authors write big interpretations of each card, which is 80% of their books. It would be nice, if interpretations opened Tarot from a new angle, but, apparently, they just take existing ones on the Internet.

- A lot of attention in books is paid to layouts. Few people write about how to work with a client, how to read his field, how to properly interact with cards in general. After all, this is all very important, and the accuracy of the tarot reading depends on it.

- As a rule, one chapter is devoted to the structure of the deck, in which it is simply written, that there are the Minor Arcana, and there are the Major Arcana. By the way, it is in the structure of the deck that the key to everything lies, but the authors are too lazy to look for parallels.

Therefore, I am writing my book about the Tarot, where it will be considered as knowledge, that opens the eyes to the world order. You will be shocked by my discoveries, and your stereotypes will completely break down.

⚠️ It will not contain:
- Interpretations of cards on the whole book.

- Tarot card layout. It is so easy to find on the Internet, that I see no reason to write about it at all.

- All, that you already know about Tarot.

✅ What will be in it:
- Search for the connection of Tarot with various sciences, even with physics.

- The broadest view of the structure of the cards. You will understand, how the structure of the deck is related to the fate of all people on the planet.

- A look at Tarot from the positive and negative sides. This view will be based on my knowledge of the occult and alchemy.

- Tips for tarot readers on interacting with cards and clients, based on my personal experience. You will learn, how to get 100% accurate answers from cards, which will shock your customers.

To read, follow the link: https://boosty.to/tailyn

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