My Way to Tarot: From the Tarot Readings for old lady to writing a book

Tailyn Dream

Once I did tarot reading for old lady for $10, and today I am writing a book about Tarot. Naturally, between these two facts lies a huge path of ups and downs. On this path, only Tarot cards helped me: they indicated the direction and told me, what to do next.

I adored esotericism and occultism, I studied all this for about 7 years. Naturally, at some point I bumped into the ceiling, not understanding, where to move further in spiritual development. In the book of Eliphas Levi, I found a sign, that it is impossible to grow spiritually without studying the Tarot. So I eagerly began to explore this sphere. Found a lot of hidden information from most eyes. However, here I have to make an important amendment: I have not read the books of modern authors about the Tarot, I have not entered and do not belong to any tarot sect, I am not an adherent of any Tarot school. For me personally, my commitment to any school would greatly narrow my perception, and I would no longer be able to look at the Tarot broadly. Instead, I turned to the origins, to more ancient knowledge to alchemy, for example, but not only.

In my life there was also a destructive dependence on the Tarot as an instrument. Several times a day I could ask the same question to the cards, and then get very upset, that the prediction did not come true. How it could come true, if I did not perceive the negative answer of the cards and did the tarot reading, until they gave a positive answer, is not clear. Many of my clients are also trying to make the same mistake, but nor them I already do not allow it.

During the study and work with the Tarot, I realized, that if you want to understand the Tarot, then you cannot look at it only through one narrow slit of any knowledge. One should look at the Tarot, knowing EVERYTHING: religion, mythology, mathematics, history, art, sociology, physics, chemistry, semiotics, philosophy, astrology, etc. Then you will simply be stunned how Tarot is the cartoon “The Simpsons”, in which everything already did it.

In my book “Tarot Exposed” I will convince you of this. In it, I will draw a parallel between Tarot and many sciences. You will look at the card system itself from completely different angles. What to believe, and what not — only you will decide, but that you will be shocked, I promise you.

The first chapters are already available for reading:

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is creating book “Tarot Exposed”

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Tailyn Dream

Tailyn Dream

is creating book “Tarot Exposed”

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