Where to start learning Tarot?

Each tarot reader, one way or another, maintains his own social networks, where he needs to convince people, that Tarot is cool. When tarot readers say, that tarot is cool, practical evidence is used:

- Look, I read a tarot for a client, and she told me, that it came true

Most often we see this message. Indeed, for many, Tarot is an instrument, first of all, which does not particularly need deep study. It gives the answers, and okay, that’s enough. True, with such an attitude to cards, there is no need to talk about the development of expertise in the tarologist and about his prospects in the future. ⠀

Sooner or later, you will be faced with a situation, in which your client will know the Tarot more, than you. What will you tell him out of fear, and how this will affect your reputation in the future — that’s what you should think about. ⠀

Where to start learning Tarot? ⠀

Now you already understand the suits of cards, in the Interpretations of the Major Arcana, approximately, in general, you know the structure of the deck. ⠀
What’s next? ⠀

Then run to study, what the Tarot is, what are the concepts about it, the versions about, who created it and why:

- Carl Jung argued, that the Tarot is the path of development of the soul through the unification of dualities in a person, by analogy with alchemy;

- Eliphas Levi declared, that the Tarot contains the wisdom of Kabbalah;

- New Age supporters believe, that the Tarot is the wisdom of the Atlanteans.

Interesting to figure this out? ⠀

📚 Then start reading the first chapter of my book “Tarot Exposed”, which is called: “WHAT IS A TAROT, IF LOOKING BROAD ENOUGH?”
To do this, follow this link 👇


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